Quotes by 'B' Authors


Author Profession
Bill Gates Business Magnate, Software Developer, Investor, And Philanthropist
Billie Eilish Singer-songwriter
Billy Graham Evangelist
Blaise Pascal Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer And Catholic Theologian
Bob Dylan Singer-songwriter, Author, And Visual Artist
Bob Marley Singer, Songwriter And Musician
Booker T. Washington Educator, Author, Orator, And Adviser
Bradley Whitford Actor And Political Activist
Bruce Lee Actor, Director, Martial Artist, Martial Arts Instructor, And Philosopher
Buddha Philosopher, Mendicant, Meditator, Spiritual Teacher, And Religious Leade
B. B. King Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, And Record Producer
B. C. Forbes Journalist And Author
B. Carroll Reece Politician
B. D. Wong Actor
B. F. Skinner Psychologist, Behaviorist, Author, Inventor, And Social Philosopher
B. H. Liddell Hart Soldier
B. J. Daniels Author
B. J. Novak Actor, Writer, Comedian, And Director
B. Kevin Turner Businessman
B. R. Ambedkar Jurist, Economist, Politician
B. R. Hayden Painter
B. Wayne Hughes Businessman
B.o.B Multinational, Public Sector Banking And Financial Services Company
Baba Kalyani Managing Director Of Bharat Forge
Babar Azam Cricketer
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Athlete
Babe Paley Socialite
Babe Ruth Baseball Player
Babette March Model
Babyface Singer, Songwriter And Record Producer
Bae Doona Actress And Photographer
Bae Suzy Actress And Singer
Bahman Ghobadi Film Director, Producer And Writer
Bai Ling Actress
Bailee Madison Actress
Bailey Chase Television Actor
Bainbridge Colby Lawyer
Baker Mayfield Football Quarterback
Bakermat DJ And Music Producer
Balaji Srinivasan Investor And Entrepreneur
Baldwin Spencer Biologist And Anthropologist
Baltasar Garzon Judge
Baltasar Gracian Jesuit And Baroque Prose Writer And Philosopher
Baltasar Kormakur Actor, Theater And Film Director, And Film Producer
Balthazar Getty Actor And Musician
Balthus Modern Artist
Bam Margera Skateboarder, Stunt Performer, Filmmaker, Musician And Television Personality
Ban Ki-moon Politician
Banks Tbd
Banksy Street Artist, Vandal, Political Activist, And Film Directo
Bao Dai Emperor
Bar Paly Model And Actress
Bar Refaeli Model, Television Host, Actress, And Entrepreneur
Barbara Amiel Journalist, Writer, And Socialite
Barbara Ann Radnofsky Politician, Author And Mediator
Barbara Ann Scott Figure Skater
Barbara Barrie Actress
Barbara Billingsley Film, Television, Voice, And Stage Actress
Barbara Block Marine Biologist
Barbara Boxer Politician
Barbara Broccoli Film Producer
Barbara Bush First Lady Of The United States
Barbara Cartland Novelist
Barbara Castle Politician
Barbara Coloroso Author
Barbara Cook Actress And Singer
Barbara Cooney Writer And Illustrator
Barbara Corcoran Businesswoman, Investor, Speaker, Consultant, Syndicated Columnist, Author, And Television Personality
Barbara De Angelis Relationship Consultant, Lecturer And Author, TV Personality, Relationship, Personal Growth Adviser And Spiritual Teacher
Barbara Delinsky Writer
Barbara Demick Journalist
Barbara Deming Feminist And Advocate
Barbara Eden Film, Stage, And Television Actress, And Singer
Barbara Ehrenreich Author And Political Activist
Barbara Feldon Character Actress
Barbara Fialho Model And Singer
Barbara G. Walker Author And Feminist
Barbara Goldsmith Author, Journalist, And Philanthropist
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Journalist, Essayist And Memoirist
Barbara Hale Actress
Barbara Hambly Novelist And Screenwriter
Barbara Hepworth Artist And Sculptor
Barbara Hershey Actress
Barbara Januszkiewicz Painter
Barbara Johnson Literary Critic And Translator
Barbara Jordan Lawyer, Educator And Politician
Barbara Kingsolver Novelist, Essayist And Poet
Barbara Kopple Film Director
Barbara Kruger Conceptual Artist And Collagist
Barbara Lee Politician
Barbara Lynn Guitarist, Singer And Songwriter
Barbara Mandrell Singer, Musician, And Actress
Barbara McClintock Scientist And Cytogeneticist
Barbara Mertz Author
Barbara Mikulski Politician And Social Worker
Barbara Olson Lawyer
Barbara Palvin Model
Barbara Park Author
Barbara Pym Novelist
Barbara Rosenblat Actress And Voice Artist
Barbara Sher Coach, And Author
Barbara Smith Critic, Teacher, Lecturer, Author, Scholar, And Publisher
Barbara Stanwyck Actress, Model, And Dancer
Barbara Steele Film Actress And Producer
Barbara Sukowa Theatre Actress
Barbara Taylor Bradford Novelist
Barbara W. Tuchman Historian And Author
Barbara Walters Broadcast Journalist, Author, And Television Personality
Barbara Windsor Actress
Barber Conable Senator
Barbet Schroeder Film Director And Producer
Barbie Ferreira Model And Actress
Barbra Streisand Singer, Actress, And Filmmaker
Bari Weiss Writer And Editor
Barkhad Abdi Actor And Director
Barnabe Barnes Poet
Barnaby C. Keeney Educator
Barnett Newman Artist
Barney Frank Politician
Barney Oliver Scientist
Barney Ross Boxer
Baron Corbin Wrestler And Former Football Player
Baron Hill Politician
Baron Vaughn Comedian And Actor
Barret Oliver Photographer
Barrett Foa Actor
Barrett Wilbert Weed Actress And Singer
Barry Barish Experimental Physicist And Nobel Laureate
Barry Bonds Baseball Player
Barry Bostwick Actor And Singer
Barry Commoner Cellular Biologist, College Professor, And Politician
Barry Corbin Actor
Barry Diller Businessman
Barry Eichengreen Economist
Barry Eisler Novelist
Barry Gibb Singer, Songwriter, Musician And Record Producer
Barry Goldwater Politician, Businessman, And Author
Barry Hannah Novelist And Short Story Writer
Barry Humphries Comedian, Actor, Satirist, Artist, And Author
Barry Jenkins Film Director, Producer, And Screenwriter
Barry Keoghan Actor
Barry Lam Patron
Barry Larkin Baseball Player
Barry Levinson Filmmaker, Screenwriter, And Actor
Barry Lopez Author, Essayist, And Fiction Writer
Barry Manilow Singer-songwriter, Arranger, Musician And Producer
Barry Mann Songwriter
Barry Marshall Physician
Barry McCaffrey Army Officer And Current News Commentator, Professor And Business Consultant
Barry McGee Artist
Barry McGuigan Boxer
Barry Pepper Actor
Barry Ritholtz Author, Newspaper Columnist, Blogger, Equities Analyst
Barry Sanders Football Player
Barry Schuler Entrepreneur
Barry Schwartz Psychologist
Barry Sheene Motorcycle Racer
Barry Silbert Entrepreneur, Investor
Barry Sloane Actor
Barry Sonnenfeld Filmmaker And Television Director
Barry Sternlicht Chairman Of Starwood Capital Group
Barry Switzer Football Player
Barry Took Writer, Television Presenter And Comedian
Barry Unsworth Writer
Barry Watson Actor
Barry White Singer-songwriter, Musician, Record Producer And Composer
Barry Williams Actor And Singer
Barry Zito Former Baseball Pitcher And Musician
Bart Chilton Civil Servant
Bart Gordon Lawyer And Former Representative
Bart Starr Football Quarterback And Coach
Bart Stupak Politician And Lobbyist
Bartlett Sher Theatre Director
Barton Booth Actor
Barton Gellman Journalist
Barton Seaver Author, Speaker And Chef
Baruch Spinoza Philosopher
Baruj Benacerraf Immunologist
Barun Sobti Actor
Bas Rutten Actor, Retired Mixed Martial Artist, Kickboxer And Wrestler
Bashar al-Assad Politician
Basil Bunting Poet
Basil Hume Monk
Basil Rathbone Actor
Basmah bint Saud Businesswoman
Bassem Youssef Comedian, Writer, Producer, Surgeon, Physician, Media Critic, And Television Host
Bastian Schweinsteiger Footballer
Bat for Lashes Singer-songwriter
Bayard Rustin Leader In Social Movements
Bayard Taylor Poet, Literary Critic, Translator, Travel Author, And Diplomat
Bayley Wrestler
Baz Luhrmann Director, Writer, And Producer With Projects Spanning Film, Television, Opera, Theatre, Music, And Recording Industries
Bazzi Singer, Songwriter, Rapper And Record Producer
Bea Arthur Actress And Comedian
Beah Richards Actress Of Stage, Screen, And Television
Beanie Feldstein Actress And Singer
Beanie Sigel Rapper And Actor
Bear Bryant Football Player
Bear Grylls Former SAS Serviceman, Survival Instructor, And Honorary Lieutenant-colonel, And, Outside His Military Career, An Adventurer, Writer, Television Presenter And Businessman
Beatrice Dalle Actress


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